Elle Mayhem #63




Elle Mayhem #63

 “Don’t be fooled by her sweetheart act, she’s full of violent destruction when she hits the track… she is Elle Mayhem #63”


How did you pick your name and number: I struggled with my name when I came out of retirement. I skated as “Love Lee Mayhem” from 2010-2014. When I decided I wanted to come out of retirement I noticed that someone started to skate under that same name, same spelling at all. Out of respect for the career she started to build and as a sign that I should start fresh I was going to go with “Elle Rise” as in “I’ll Rise”…again. But most in the community know me as “Mayhem” so I landed on “Elle Mayhem”, you know like “The (El) Mayhem”. My number was easier, it used to be “331” for my brothers birthday but I wanted something shorter this time around so I went with “63”; “6” for my birth month of June and “3” for my brother’s birth month of March.

Charity of Choice: Helping Paws Animal Shelter in Woodstock IL or K9s4U Rescue in Island Lake IL (They are the shelters that rescued by babies). OR the Wisconsin Humane Society. Is it obvious my heart is with the Animals? 🙂

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL but I currently reside in Racine, WI.

Birthday: June 27th

Occupation: Associate Buyer II at Snap-on in Kenosha.

Pets: I have two rescues, Reno (11 yrs young puggle) and Bo (8 yrs young chow/lab mix). They are my whole world!

Derby wife: My heart will always belong to Thor Azz-Kickin’ (Currently retired)

Derby Crush: Icy Red and Mikey Likes Hit. They are the heart and soul of this team, they were hear from the beginning of the RRR and the only two that have never left.

Derby experience: Started in 2010 skating with various teams before I helped co-found the Root River Rollers. I retired in 2014 due to injury and am hoping to back a grand comeback in 2017.

Worst Derby injury: Tore my ACL twice in my left knee. First time my body rejected the cadaver ACL so the second time I went with my hamstring (the second time was the injury that caused me to retire). In that same knee I completely tore my outter Meniscus and my inner is hanging on by a very very thin string (I have had surgery on both).  I have had a total of 4 knee surgeries. I am not sure if I can come out of retirement but I love this sport so much I have to try and if it doesn’t work out and my knees say no, I will most likely assistant coach because this sport is too amazing that I cannot stay away.

Non-derby hobbies: Softball. I used to play competitively when I was younger but currently play co-ed slow pitch.  I also just started to get into running. My family and I got a team together for the Ragnar Relay 2018 so I am currently training for that.


Song to skate to? Anything Upbeat, I don’t fancy anything particular.

Movie? So many but some of the movies I can watch over and over without getting sick of them are… Superbad, 50 First Dates, Dirty Dancing, Forest Gump

TV Show? I cannot pick just one. I love all things Zombie so Z nation, the Walking Dead… I also like “Older” shows like the office, the league, and that 70’s show. I have just recently gotten into Riverdale and the Originals.

Drink? I am trying hard to not drink soda so I have been sticking mainly to coffee and water. Regarding Alcoholic beverages I like the fruity drinks like a pina colada. I am not much of a beer girl but I do like Blue Moon.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? Just do it! This is a sport for anyone. If you don’t want to play or skate, you can still be involved and heck, even if you want to play but you can’t skate, we will train you. This sports gives to you, what you give to it. You will not regret joining, I promise you that. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

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