Gruesome Greta #2 Thumbs up



Gruesome Greta-2 Thumbs up

How did you pick your name and number: Watch king of the Hill’s roller derby episode

Birthday: 6/18

Occupation: CNA

Derby wife: No derby wife

Derby experience: Been doing this since 2010

Worst Derby injury: First time up on skates as a grown up I made it 10 feet and fell and broke a rib. So if I can be an ok skater anyone can.

Non-derby hobbies: bass guitar, singing, archery


Song to skate to? Boys wanna be her-peaches

Book? There are too many to count. Anything by Neil gaimen?

TV Show? Game of thrones

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? Better balance. I used to fall on ice every winter.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? DO IT!!

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