Lacerta #13



Lacerta #13

Why this name:   Lizard has always been my nickname- Lacerta is a constellation and means ‘the lizard’

Derby Experience:   One Year

Position:   Jammer

Why this number:   My lucky number!

Hometown:   Racine, Lancaster, PA

Current City:   Racine

Day Job:   Makin’ cappuccinos

Birthday:   July 29th

What I listen to when I skate:   Both ‘Walk the Moon’ albums get my blood flowing

Words to live by:   Advice I gave myself during lap testing that has helped me improve and get through it all, just breathe and relax. Act like it’s nothing and you’ll be surprised what you can do

Favorite Meal:    Salmon. I can’t wait to eat it all of the time again!

What makes you special:   I have OCD with odd numbers. Everything I do, I do it with odd numbers in mind

Hobbies:   Ultimate Frisbee

Pets:   Pigs! I had one before, he was a gem (until he started biting all of my friends.) They’re the best- I look at pictures of pigs every day

Prized possession: My stuffed snowman…named JoMan (hey, my uncle Joe gave him to me!). He’s stained and falling apart and I sleep with him every night

Guilty Pleasure:   Ice cream. All day, all night, every day and every night

Drink of choice:   As of now…water. When I can consume alcohol again, I’ll want nothing more than a bloody mary

Advice to anyone interested in derby:   It IS time consuming, but it it well worth it…by far the most fun I’ve had doing anything in my life!

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