Mouse-Trap #8810




Mouse-Trap #8810

(But call me Mouse)

How did you pick your derby name & number? Mouse has been a nickname since I was a kid because I’m quiet. Mouse also happens to be one of the few derby names trademarked. Someone suggested Mouse-Skate-Teer once so I just went with it. Number is my address.

Hometown: Milwaukee

Birthday: 11-26

Derby wife: Hmm, I don’t really have one.

Derby crush: Medusa (BCB)

Derby experience: I started derby with the RRRs in 2014. I also am a bootlegger with BCB, and I skated for a short time with Fox City.

Worst derby injury: I’ve been lucky so far. Other than some bumps and bruises I’ve only sprang my wrist.

Non-derby hobbies: Skate park skating such as dropping into bowls. So much fun. I also enjoy reading. I always read myself to sleep.


Song to skate to: I’m a fan of the Tears for Fears Pandora station. However, if I’m trying to do my 27/5 I need something with a fast beat so I enjoy some dub-step and metal. “Push it” by Static X and “When World Collide” by Powerman 5000 are great 27/5 songs.

Books: I enjoy reading, but I don’t really have a favorite author or book. My interest vary.

Movie: So hard to pick just one fav. so I think I’ll name a few. Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sid & Nancy, SLC Punk, Thirteen, American History X.

TV Show: I don’t really watch much TV. Last show I was addicted to was Sons of Anarchy.

Drink: Ice Cold Water.

One thing I gained from roller derby: Friends. I am one of the most awkward, quiet, anxious person I know. I really don’t know how to people. So joining was HUGE for me. But I really needed these people at the time and I think they knew it because that’s how a lot of them got involved. It’s just what they needed without realizing it. I’ve met some incredible people who I call friends. I know they would be there for me if I needed them. They accept me. Awkwardness and all.

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