NickKnack #86



NickKnack #86

How did you pick your name and number: Nickknack because I’m Nicki and I like nick knacks, more than anyone should.

Hometown: Chicago

Birthday: 2-21-86

Occupation: Sales, blargh

Derby wife: currently… none

Derby Crush: see above

Derby experience: not a whole lot

Worst Derby injury: so far my old lady back

Non-derby hobbies: Reading, writing, taking up archery (see how that goes).


Song to skate to? Anything death metal like vhol, or pall bearer. But this changes.

Book? Oh geesh just one?! I love anything Neil Gaiman

Movie? Hmmm, princess mononoke, labrynth, there are many.

TV Show? G.O.T, Legion, Preacher

Drink? Decaf chai tea latte’s

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? Gaining some friends. I don’t do a lot of social activities so this has helped a lot.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? Just try it, you never know till you give it a go!

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