O Ducky #169



Jackie O Ducky #169

Position:   Jammer, but still learning alot!

Why this number:   It’s my gambling number at Post 449 where I bartend, it’s a $5 drawing with about 300 people. So far I’ve won $250! It’s bound to be lucky!

Cross Training:   Love to go out dancing and always working I’m a bartender and bit of a workaholic keeps me busy and always running round!

Hometown:   Joliet, IL (Birthplace)

Current City:   South Milwaukee

Day Job:   Bartender

Birthday:   August 3rd

Derby Injuries:   I’ve had a troubled ankle for many years from volleyball and re-injuring. Recently in past few years I’ve had more trouble being on my feet for long periods of time, but after two months of training for derby my ankle pains have disappeared derby is saving me and my body!

Derby clothing MUST HAVE:   Victoria secret sports bra ! feel like I can concur the world in that thing!

Charity of choice:  Fisher House for Veterans and families.

Words to live by:   No sorrys in derby, you fall get back up again!

Favorite Quotes:  “One day at a time.”

“Keep it simple and don’t sweat the small stuff” 🙂

Favorite Meal:    I love all food but favorites would have to be steak n shrimp !

Hobbies:   Arts and crafts bottle caps, wine corks, and of course duckt tape!

Pets:   Dog lover and elephants I grew up with dogs and I’ve loved elephants since I was a kid.

Drink of choice:   Jameson and ginger ale

Guilty Pleasures:  Netflix, hulu, jamming out loud in the car !

What makes you special: I can move both my eyebrows up and down ! many people can only do one side :p

Advice to anyone interested in derby:   If you think derby is for you stop making excuses as to why you can’t find time to join ,make time and take the leap!

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