Tiny TerminateHer #2000




Tiny TerminateHer #2000

“And though she be but little, she is fierce” -Shakespeare


How did you pick your name and number: My family helped me

Birthday: April 10th

Occupation: Sp. Ed. Teacher

Non-derby hobbies: Drag racing, reading


Song to skate to? Another One Bites the Dust, Fight Song, I Love It, We like to Party, Uptown Funk, Shut Up, Goodbye, Girlfight(remix), Forever, Boys Wanna be Her, All About that Bass, The Warriors Code

Book? Harry Potter, Madame Bovary, Wacky Wednesday, Anne of Green Gables

Movie? Dirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, Top Gun, Ghostbusters(2016)

TV Show? Sopranos

Drink? Cherry Coke Zero

Color? Pink!

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? A team

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? You will never regret it

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