Shay Kit #19




Shay Kit 19

How did you pick your name and number:  Listening to Shake it by Metro Station

Hometown: Arlington, Tx

Birthday: April 10, 1980

Occupation: Finance aka sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day

Derby wife: Traumedic aka Sydney Richard

Derby Crush: Yes

Derby experience: Taking beatings since 2010

Worst Derby injury: Broken ribs

Non-derby hobbies: Reading, park skating (co-creator of Yokosuka Chicks-N-Bowls chapter in Japan)


Song to skate to?

(Skate to) Just a dream – Nelly

(Hit to) Turn down for what – Lil Jon

(all time favorite song to hear while on roller skates) Cupid Shuffle

Book? The Witching Hour

Movie? Lost in Translation

TV Show? Roseanne

Drink? Dr Pepper

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? Worldwide friends

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? It’s better if you don’t know how to skate.  Also, if you are stuck on learning a new derby skill, make it sexy…it works.

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