Holl Hogan #1948




Holl Hogan #1948

Hometown: Kenosha!
Birthday: July 9th 1992 cancer baby
Occupation: Certified hair stylist
Derby wife: El Jukacabra
Derby Crush:  El Jukacabra
Derby experience: zero!

Non-derby hobbies: fishing drinking bowling movies nintendo did i mention drinking?

Song to skate to? Mm idk rob zombie would pump me up

Fave book? I dont read😂 wish i did

Movie? To many to count i am a movie freak!

TV Show? I watch old shit i dont watch much tv

Drink? Water.. Beer.. Beer..
What is one thing you gained from roller derby? I just started hopefully strength
Advice to anyone thinking of joining? Do it man! Looks badass why not?

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