September 2017: Elle Mayhem


Elle Mayhem #63 is opening her skate bag for you! Let’s see what she has… 

Bag: just a rolling suitcase I got from kmart. 

2017-09-10 16.39.39

Front zip: 


-skate tool

-mouth guard

-cliff bar (new, not old haha)



2017-09-10 17.42.24.jpg

Middle zip: 

-League member info and ICE binder


2017-09-10 17.44.16

Inside Main Compartment:

-Riedell Torch skates with Reactor Pro plates, 4 Halo Radar 88a and 4 Atom Poisons wheels

-empty water bottle

– Rectar Elbow and Knee pads

-Triple 8 helmet and wrist guards

-Extra Wheels (8 Atom Juke 91a, 8 Suregrip Sugars, 8 Suregrip Zombies 89a, 4 Halo Radar 88a, 8 Suregrip Motion 78a outdoor wheels)

-Triple 8 Gaskets

-Knee Sleeve


-number armbands (with my old 331 number)

-Skater doll


-3 pairs of extra laces

-A bag of extra skate parts like trucks, bearings, cushions and bearing tools


-ace bandage 

-KT Tape

-Salonpas patches

-roll of duct tape

-“off skates” ball of death

2017-09-10 17.46.36


Question(Q): Besides the basic, mandatory gear, what is the one thing in your bag you cannot skate without?

Mayhem(A): Hmm… well as you can see I have a lot in my bag and to me, it is all needed or I wouldn’t lug around this ginormous thing LOL but I guess my KT tape is something I cannot (or should not) skate without; it really does support the knee and without it I can tell a difference for sure.


(Q): Besides the basic, mandatory gear, what is something you think every skater should have in their bag?

(A): Duct tape and extra laces


(Q): What is the strangest, or most off the wall, thing you have in your bag and what is the story behind it?

2017-09-12 16.05.10.jpg

(A): Ha! This roller derby doll. Isn’t it awesome yet creepy?! LOL. I got it in South Bend at a roller derby bout. It was our teams first away game and my first bout coaching while recovering from my first knee surgery. My ex-husband (husband at the time) said it looked more badass than the girlie, green, frog themed one I picked out (Which funny, happens to be the one I lost). I have had it in my derby bag since 2011 as reminder I am badass and can come back from my major knee destruction!

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