September 2017 : Mouse-Trap


Mouse-Trap #8810 is this months featured Roller! 


Question (Q): What position do you play?

Answer (A): I’m all about being a team player so I play whatever position I’m needed. 


Q:When did you join roller derby?

A: 2014


Q: When did you join our league? 

A: 2014. RRRs is where I started my derby journey. 


Q: What made you give this sport a try?

A: I’ve been interested in skating since I was a kid and I remember when derby started to become popular again I wanted to get involved, but no leagues were in my area. I unexpectedly moved to the Kenosha area near the end of 2013 and after I settled in my new life I immediately looked to see if derby was near me. I was invited to watch a practice and doing so made me even more excited and determined. 


Q: What is your pre-bout rituals? 

A: I always do maintenance on my skates and test them out to make sure they feel right. 


Q: OH NO! It’s the zombie apocalypse, what do you do first?

A: I wish I had a really awesome answer for this, but in all honesty I know I’ll be one of the first ones to die. I have zero survival instinct. I’m sure I could avoid being bitten, but as a picky eater I’d probably starve to death. 


Q: What is something you love to eat, but others might find strange? 

A: As a picky eater I don’t think I eat strange food, but some say I eat my cereal kinda strange. I don’t like soggy cereal so I’ll just put milk in a bowl and do tiny pours of cereal at a time. 


Q: What would you consider your spirit animal? 

A: Probably a panda. I’m kinda a loner, quiet, and like snacking all day. 


Q: Favorite Quote?

A: Life is a journey, not a destination.

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