Hella De Vil #101



Hella De Vil #101

“Oh, yes! I love the smell of near extinction!”


How did you pick your name and number:

This was one of the movies growing up that I could watch over and over again!

Plus, I have a theme song…

Hella De Vil

Hella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you

no evil thing will… 



Bennett, Iowa 



September 17, 1986


Occupation: Artist, Foreign exchange student coordinator 


Derby experience: I started out with Cedar Rapids Rollergirls then went to Rocky Mountain Rollergirls for around 2 years. 
Worst Derby injury: Concussion, sprained ankle, broken tailbone. 


Non-derby hobbies: I paint and draw, go antiquing and collect pretty vintage dresses. 


Book? I’m a book on tape kind of gal since I’m on the go all the time. I recently listened to Dexter. I like to scare the crap out of myself to keep me awake while driving. 
Movie? While You Were Sleeping (I’m a sap)
TV Show? Friends, Always Sunny, I Love Lucy 
Drink? Vodka/tonic 


What is one thing you gained from roller derby?

This incredibly amazing feeling that I can get knocked down but I have the strength to get right back up again. Also friends. The connection you get with your teammates is something I am able to take with me for life!


Advice to anyone thinking of joining?

Don’t wait! Ready or not, there is ALWAYS a place for you. 

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