10aciousD #10


bootie shorts (2)

10aciousD #10

What is your Derby Name: 10aciousD

How did you pick your Derby name: My non Derby name starts with a D and I’m  tenacious. Just fit, plus I love the Pick of Destiny.

How long have you been playing Derby: 9 years

Other teams: Brewcity Bruisers – Crazy 8s 2010 – 2017, BCB Battle Stars 2011 – 2015, BCB All Stars 2012 – 2015

How did you get into Derby: I watched that movie with Ellen Page. I knew I could do it and I looked on the internet for Roller Derby near me. I found the Brewcity Bruisers.

Injuries: Broken ankle during practice – 2014. Broken left hand during the forth bout of the 2017 season.

Personal Best Skating Skills: Falling

Skill you want to MASTER: Breaking though monster walls and 1:1 blocking.

Favorite Derby Memory: Travel team road trips

Fav Adult Bev: Brandy Old Fashion Sour

Fav Non-Adult Bev: Coke Zero

Best Thing you have eaten:  I’m not a foodie. I really just eat because I have to.

Best Vacation: Sequoia National Park – I would love to live in one of those tiny towns that flank the area.

Advise for a Derby prospect: Just do it. Give it a try and give it all you’ve got. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and just have fun with it.




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