December 2017: Hella de Vil


Hella de Vill #101 is this months featured Roller! 

Question (Q): What position do you play?

Answer (A):  Blocker/Jammer


Q:When did you join roller derby?

A: 2014 


Q: When did you join our league? 

A: 2017


Q: What made you give this sport a try?

A: I tried out on a whim after seeing a flyer the day before.  Hadn’t been on skates for nearly 15 years before trying out!


Q: What is your pre-bout rituals? 

A:  I take a nap a few hours before.


Q: OH NO! It’s the zombie apocalypse, what do you do first?

A: Jump off a bridge..


Q: What is something you love to eat, but others might find strange? 

A: I’m a creature of habit. I eat a One Bun (toast) with peanut butter and fruit every morning. I have done this for the past five years!


Q: What would you consider your spirit animal? 

A:  A giant dog… or a puppy… or a giant puppy. All the puppies.


Q: Favorite Quote?

A: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.” -Bob Ross

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