New Year, New Look: Logo Contest Rules


As we roll into a new year, your Root River Rollers have decided to give themselves a face-lift with a new logo and perhaps new colors. If you are interested in submitting a logo for our contest, please see the contest rules below.

For a printable copy of these rules and for the contract that will need to be signed and submitted with your entry, please click here.

1) Root River Rollers of Racine, WI are dedicated to promoting the health and strength of women from ALL walks of life through the sport of women’s flat track roller derby. As part and in support of the community we’re building, we will always strive to grow and evolve to meet the needs of everyone, who wishes to be part of the exciting sport of roller derby. Whether it be as skater, referee, sponsor, volunteer or fan. We are currently working on establishing a strong, solid foundation for our community. We want to create an environment that emphasizes sisterhood, community and athleticism in women of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds. Our goal is to have an artist that can capture these values, strengths and excitement we have for our team in our new roller derby logo.

  • We are open to a completely different logo then our current logo and are also interested in a possibly different color scheme.
  • There must be one light color and one dark color per bouting rules. (At the moment the color scheme is a lighter/bright green and dark blue)
  • Criteria for the logo include: 2D work in format that can be transferred onto Root River merchandise and home team gear.
  • No submissions will be considered that have and nudity, profanity, or any other work that would not be seen as “family friendly”.
  • Along with the art, the words “Root River Rollers” must be placed on the design.
  • Be aware too much detail may be hard to shrink down in the case of stickers and business cards.

2) Jurors of the “New Year, New Derby Logo” contest will be the eligible skaters of Root River Rollers on January 4th, 2018.

3) Deadlines for this call for entry MUST be summited by Dec. 31, 2017 at Midnight.

4) All entries will release ownership of their work to the Root River Roller Derby team. No exception. Because we are using emails of artwork, artwork will not be returned.

5) Artists may summit a scanned copy of their work to Please make sure the art looks as similar in the scanned copy as the original because that is what we will use for our logo.

6) Artwork will not be altered in any way without the permission of the artist. However, we might ask you to do your work in a different color scheme or possibly a different font, if your design is chosen. As much as we understand not wanting to change your design, if for some reason you are not willing to do so, we will choose the next highest voted design as the winner. Your art will be shown as fan art instead.

7) If your art is chosen we will reach out to you for some questions about you to feature on our page.


Timeline of entry:

December 31, 2017- Summit a scanned copy of work to

January 4, 2018- Artist submission is voted on

January 4, 2018- Live Facebook stream of “winner”:

End of January- Featured artist and art on our Community outreach platforms


Compensation for entering:

  • No juror (Root River eligible skater) will be compensated for voting.
  • All artists, win or lose will have their submissions posted on our “fan art” section of our blog. If the art fits in our guidelines as posted above.
  • The artists whose work that was voted as the logo will not receive any monetary reward. They will receive, however;
  • Gift basket of Root River Roller gear with the logo they designed on it!
  • Two tickets to watch a bout!
  • A short artist profile featured on our public social media sites!
  • Your art to be sported on every Root River for hopefully years to come!


Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all our fans, friends and teammates that allow the Root River Rollers to have contests like these. We could not do this without your support! Please “like” us on Facebook to find out about more contests, give-a-ways and to join or see us in action!


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