January 2018: RJ


RJ #224 is this months featured Roller! 


Question (Q): When did you join roller derby?

Answer (A): September of 2017


(Q): When did you join the our league?

(A): September of 2017


(Q): What made you give this sport a try?

(A): I have always loved roller skating, I used to do competitive figure skating as a kid so I sort of grew up in skates. I’ve wanted to try out roller derby for a long time but I’ve been in school and moved around a bit. I settle back down in Racine last year and shortly after saw a post that the RRR were recruiting and I knew I had to do it.


(Q): OH NO! It’s the zombie apocalypse, what do you do first?

(A): I’d probably hangout with my family playing some board games until it gets real bad and then we’d walk straight into the horde of zombies


(Q): What is something you love to eat, but otherwise might find strange?

(A): I can’t think of a specific thing that is weird, but I don’t like cold food (except ice cream). Pretty much everything that has to be refrigerated I take out and let it get to room temperature before I eat it.


(Q): What would you consider your spirit animal?

(A): Probably a beaver because I work too much and I like to make things


(Q): Favorite Quote?

(A): “‘Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will…but then again, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.’” John Green

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