January 2018: El Jukacabra #777


El Jukacabra #777 is opening her bag up to you in this month feature… let’s see what she has in her “Derby Bag of wonders”; I think we might find derby hidden treasures.

Triple Eight – Wrist guards
                        Knee pads
                        Elbow pads
                        Bum savers

Riedell 3 skates
Protect helmet
Sisu mouth guard
Two skate tools
Skate leash (gift from Shaykit )
Extra toe stops and bushings (that came originally with my Riedell 3 skates)

Zipper Pouch ( bandaids, scrunchies, ibuprofens, essential lady stuff* 😉😅)

Acid wash fanny pack ( asthma inhalers, extra change, recruitment flyers)

And I always stuff water bottle,  gfree granola bars in there for practice.

Juju Bag Feature

Question (Q): How long have you been with Derby?

Juju: Going on Five months! Started in September of 2017 . Holy moly time sure is flying by!

(Q): Besides the basic, mandatory gear, what is the one thing in your bag you cannot skate without?

Juju: My inhalers! With out those I could die! Cuz I got that “Asthma“ (insert  whispering sloth meme). 🤣

(Q): Besides the basic, mandatory gear, what is something you think every skater should have in their bag?

Juju: after experiencing two single cheek falls on the same cheek… and having a tender tail bone as a result…. those Bum savers really do just that!

(Q): What is the strangest, or most off the wall, thing you have in your bag and what is the story behind it?

Juju: I guess it would be my Joico Dry Shampoo texture and volumizing spray.  Sometimes we go eat after practice or take pictures… so the hair stylist in me needs her hair pick me up! That helmet hair struggle is real okay! Ha!

New Year, New Look: WINNER


At the end of 2017 we held a logo contest and at our quarter one league meeting, we voted… and the winner was……


We are so excited!! It was a tough choice because we have a lot of talented fans and a received so many amazing submissions but we are so pleased to roll into the new year with a new look. It was also voted to change our league colors to Black and Silver!

To see all of the submissions we received, please check out our fan art section!

December 2017: Hella de Vil


Hella de Vill #101 is this months featured Roller! 

Question (Q): What position do you play?

Answer (A):  Blocker/Jammer


Q:When did you join roller derby?

A: 2014 


Q: When did you join our league? 

A: 2017


Q: What made you give this sport a try?

A: I tried out on a whim after seeing a flyer the day before.  Hadn’t been on skates for nearly 15 years before trying out!


Q: What is your pre-bout rituals? 

A:  I take a nap a few hours before.


Q: OH NO! It’s the zombie apocalypse, what do you do first?

A: Jump off a bridge..


Q: What is something you love to eat, but others might find strange? 

A: I’m a creature of habit. I eat a One Bun (toast) with peanut butter and fruit every morning. I have done this for the past five years!


Q: What would you consider your spirit animal? 

A:  A giant dog… or a puppy… or a giant puppy. All the puppies.


Q: Favorite Quote?

A: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.” -Bob Ross

November 2017: Kindred Kitties


Featured Charity for November 2017 is Kindred Kitties

Charity Chosen by Rachael Rabies #3


Question: Why is this charity close to your heart?

Answer: As a self-declared cat lover, I really appreciate all this organization does to find homes for felines. All three of my furballs came from Kindred Kitties rescue.

If you are able, please click here to donate to this amazing organization!



Click here to view their wish list


Website: http://www.kindredkitties.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kindredkitties/