10aciousD #10


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10aciousD #10

What is your Derby Name: 10aciousD

How did you pick your Derby name: My non Derby name starts with a D and I’m  tenacious. Just fit, plus I love the Pick of Destiny.

How long have you been playing Derby: 9 years

Other teams: Brewcity Bruisers – Crazy 8s 2010 – 2017, BCB Battle Stars 2011 – 2015, BCB All Stars 2012 – 2015

How did you get into Derby: I watched that movie with Ellen Page. I knew I could do it and I looked on the internet for Roller Derby near me. I found the Brewcity Bruisers.

Injuries: Broken ankle during practice – 2014. Broken left hand during the forth bout of the 2017 season.

Personal Best Skating Skills: Falling

Skill you want to MASTER: Breaking though monster walls and 1:1 blocking.

Favorite Derby Memory: Travel team road trips

Fav Adult Bev: Brandy Old Fashion Sour

Fav Non-Adult Bev: Coke Zero

Best Thing you have eaten:  I’m not a foodie. I really just eat because I have to.

Best Vacation: Sequoia National Park – I would love to live in one of those tiny towns that flank the area.

Advise for a Derby prospect: Just do it. Give it a try and give it all you’ve got. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and just have fun with it.




RJ #224



RJ #224

How did you pick your name: RJ is my initials and a nick name I’ve always wanted to go by and with some help from friends SlayHer seemed to roll nicely with it. Plus I love that’s it’s a nod to a great TV show and a badass chick. 224 is my birthday.

Hometown: Racine

Birthday: February 24

Occupation: Accounting assistant full time/Artist part time 

Derby experience: I just joined so I don’t have much, although I was a competitive figure skater as a kid so I feel pretty comfortable in a pair of skates.

Worst Derby injury: None yet, but I did break both of my wrists at the same time while roller skating when I was 11

Non-derby hobbies: camping, printmaking, kayaking, bookmaking, macrame, sewing 


Book? The Book Thief 

Movie? Fantastic Mr. Fox

TV Show? New Girl

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? So far I have gained a group of awesome and supportive ladies!

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? It is definitely as fun as it looks! Plus everyone on the team is so nice and inviting, they’ll make you feel at home even if you have no idea what you’re doing! 


Hella De Vil #101



Hella De Vil #101

“Oh, yes! I love the smell of near extinction!”


How did you pick your name and number:

This was one of the movies growing up that I could watch over and over again!

Plus, I have a theme song…

Hella De Vil

Hella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you

no evil thing will… 



Bennett, Iowa 



September 17, 1986


Occupation: Artist, Foreign exchange student coordinator 


Derby experience: I started out with Cedar Rapids Rollergirls then went to Rocky Mountain Rollergirls for around 2 years. 
Worst Derby injury: Concussion, sprained ankle, broken tailbone. 


Non-derby hobbies: I paint and draw, go antiquing and collect pretty vintage dresses. 


Book? I’m a book on tape kind of gal since I’m on the go all the time. I recently listened to Dexter. I like to scare the crap out of myself to keep me awake while driving. 
Movie? While You Were Sleeping (I’m a sap)
TV Show? Friends, Always Sunny, I Love Lucy 
Drink? Vodka/tonic 


What is one thing you gained from roller derby?

This incredibly amazing feeling that I can get knocked down but I have the strength to get right back up again. Also friends. The connection you get with your teammates is something I am able to take with me for life!


Advice to anyone thinking of joining?

Don’t wait! Ready or not, there is ALWAYS a place for you. 

Icy Red #78



Icy Red #78

When I’m enraged, I SEE RED!

Hometown: Racine, WI

Occupation: Distribution

Derby wife: FloorYa NaughtyGale

Worst Derby injury: Torn hammy

Non-derby hobbies: Awesome, unique and original crafts, travel, and doggos!!!

What is one thing you gained from roller derby?Learning how to be part of a team.