Tabby Takedown #52



Tabby Takedown #52


How did you pick your name and number: I used a poll on snapchat with a ton of high school kids, and the top name won! (Tabbyfayewood) #52 – Clay Matthews – Go PACK Go!

Hometown: Commerce, GA

Birthday: August 31, 1981

Occupation: Logistics Analyst

Derby wife: None yet

Derby Crush: Maybe

Derby Experience: Fresh meat

Worst Derby injury: bruised tailbone/concussion first time on skates

Non-Derby hobbies: Kickboxing, couponing, painting, cooking, reading, and mom taxi cab to 3 teenagers


Song to skate to? R&B à No Scrubs – TLC    ROCK à Moonbaby – Godsmack   

Book? Love Story (still waiting for mine…)

Movie? Any James Bond or Sean Connery flick

TV Show? Shameless

Drink? Ice cold beer

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? Inner peace and happiness

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? Don’t be a baby – just grow some balls and do it!!

RJ SlayHer #224



RJ SlayHer #224

How did you pick your name: RJ is my initials and a nick name I’ve always wanted to go by and with some help from friends SlayHer seemed to roll nicely with it. Plus I love that’s it’s a nod to a great TV show and a badass chick. 224 is my birthday.

Hometown: Racine

Birthday: February 24

Occupation: Accounting assistant full time/Artist part time 

Derby experience: I just joined so I don’t have much, although I was a competitive figure skater as a kid so I feel pretty comfortable in a pair of skates.

Worst Derby injury: None yet, but I did break both of my wrists at the same time while roller skating when I was 11

Non-derby hobbies: camping, printmaking, kayaking, bookmaking, macrame, sewing 


Book? The Book Thief 

Movie? Fantastic Mr. Fox

TV Show? New Girl

What is one thing you gained from roller derby? So far I have gained a group of awesome and supportive ladies!

Advice to anyone thinking of joining? It is definitely as fun as it looks! Plus everyone on the team is so nice and inviting, they’ll make you feel at home even if you have no idea what you’re doing!